Weather Forecast for Your Location

Your permission is needed to get the Forecast and Conditions for Your approximate location. Works best for Smartphone and Tablets. For other locations in the US and Canada fill in the box below. You can use place names such as Empire State Building, CN Tower or Westminster Abbey. Your information will not be used for any purpose other than providing Weather Information to you. Weather information is is furnished by the the National Weather Service, Environment Canada and UK's Met Office.

Note: This location is not accurate. This may be due to GPS not being enabled on your tablet or Smart Phone. If using a device without a GPS device you can set a Default Address by checking the box below and keying in a place or address.

Note: To Use GPS rather than the Default Location Check the below box.

Hi there

If marker does not point to the correct locaton you may

Drag the marker to the exact location. You can zoom in for greater accuracy

When location is correct click Submit

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